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Status: Planning

The pre-planning phase of this project commenced with searching for data on the homeless crisis and foster care system in my region. From prior knowledge I understood that country-wide this is an issue, however I didn’t expect my city to have a concentrated dilemma. In addition to homelessness in my area, many of these kids are being Read more about Status: Planning[…]

Inspiration: Jimmy on the Run

If you have not seen any images from the famous Chinese/Dutch street photographer you must stop reading this and go immediately to his landing page to view his portfolio. As an immigrant himself, he has a knack for capturing people in transition. The fluidity of his images on the street bring the atmosphere to Read more about Inspiration: Jimmy on the Run[…]

Case Study: Lee Jeffries / Lost Angels

I came across Lee Jeffries’ Lost Angels a while ago during my initial fascination with street photography and it’s origins. What drew me to Lee Jeffries was his mimicking of headshot style, grayscale photography but in a way that shows the grit and discomfort in the participant. Typically, street photography utilizes full body or even long Read more about Case Study: Lee Jeffries / Lost Angels[…]

One Project, Three Phases

At this moment Kid Row: Young & Homeless can be best viewed through three phases. 1 – Research 2 – Pedagogy & Collaborator Training 3 – Curation & Display I’m hoping that through working these phases will come when the project reaches a solid state? Or will it constantly evolve and morph based upon my Read more about One Project, Three Phases[…]

Final Destination: Photovoice

My research has been largely practice-led in regards to photography and highlighting the plight of homeless youths in my community.  In an attempt to develop chosen ideas for my MA project I landed on the unique approach of photovoice in marrying the creative art of photography with research aiming at social change. Photovoice s an Read more about Final Destination: Photovoice[…]

Blending Modes!

The use of blending modes and opacity are critical in graphic design and photography compositing. I’ve found myself looking more into how using these modes changes the message and composition of my photographs. Not only is the image completely changed in post production but the original capture is modified when thinking of using blending modes Read more about Blending Modes![…]